SPRAY BOOTHS Automatic inflation rotation 0-180° Spray booth with double layer of water
front in stainless 316

Water courtain

A stream of water is introduced inside the cabin through a pump: the water retains the molecules of paint sucked by a fan located above the booth. The air passes through the water and returns to the environment as clean as the original.

Bulkheads stabilizers serve to allow always the same air velocity in the work place and ensure a greater reduction of particulate overspray that is created at the time of the spray.


Tilting option


Automatic inflation rotation 180°

Dummies have the special pneumatic valve made in Mactec, with adjustable pressure control.
Thanks to this valve dummy the size of the trousers does not get modified or damaged because over in inflation. Pressure will remain constant during the entire spraying process.

Spry cabin dry

The air is sucked from the booth and passes through a series of panels of paper and fiber glass that retain molecules of paint and return the clean filtered air to the environment.


New ecoplus system (patented system)


Air filtering is ensured by a special wet – labyrinth composed fins in pvc that is kept constantly damp with water sprays.


This innovative filtering system gives important advantages:
– increasing the efficiency with which particles are eliminated,
– the water spray allows the shaped profiles sections to be washed and cleaned,
– the need for servicing and replacement of the glassfibre filters is also reduced.

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