SEC O MATIC Mactec conveyor dryer with automatic loader
for trouser and heat recovery system

Dryer conveyor for garments hung up separately after the process of washing and spin dryer. It has great advantages compared to the rotary dryers as there is no rubbing between trousers. This system passes the color fastness tests to meet the buyers demand.

This type of dryer has a neutral effect in drying trousers. No yellow or shades as in the gas drying systems.


Tumble dryers cause friction between trousers, thus resulting in a 50% load. Moreover they lose efficiency with the passing of time.

No chemicals such as detergents, dispersive agents or antibackstaining are required in the washing machine to reduce the effect of deposition on the trousers.

SEC O MATIC saves more than 80% of the energy compared to the normal rotary dryers. It is suitable for the environmental-friendly companies and/or companies interested in energy saving. The machine has a system that recirculates hot air as much as possible, the heat exchanger that does not lose or has a minimum loss of ef ciency with the passing of time.

Almost insignificant

800 pieces per hour


RED COLOR: air flow recirculation
ORANGE COLOR: Before being released by the chimney the hot fumes heat the second heat exchanger.
The air, shown in BLUE COLOR, is introduced in the machine and heated by the exhaust fumes. The temperature of the exhaust gas is below 100° thus optimising the burnt gas.