SANDY CUNEO It is a machine which permits to sand
on dummies, made up of 2 work stations,
one for loading and the other for unloading.

Technical features:

1) The machine can work either in automatic mode, or in manual mode with a joystick managed by the operator. The joystick is also used for any corrections of position.
2) It works on two pressures of controlled air, for a different, wished abrasive action on the item
3) Full soundproofing
4) The sand recovery is automatic, an Archimedean screw conveys the sand out from the machine where a second Archimedean screw conveys the sand which can be still used in the tank of the sanding machine.


1) Permits to carry out 360° sanding operations by creating continuity of image on the clothing item as well as colour shades from each angle.

2) The horizontal sanding, in particular, is very important for its 3D whisker since it works on the rise without flattening it.

3) Possible use of different kinds of dummy.
– Localized sanding with smooth dummies
– Sanding on items with three-dimensional effect
– Whisker and normal sanding with raised dummies