The ice age of denim Icelite uses Carbon Dioxide
an essential substance for life on earth

Icelite uses Carbon Dioxide, an essential substance for life on earth. It is the gas that “living things” produce breathing and is essential for life and for the photosynthesis of the plants.

Dry ice is an approved medium by the EPA, USDA & FDA, and is non-toxic, non-hazardous and inhibits mold & bacteria growth.
Dry ice blasting does not release harmful gases into the atmosphere.



Permanaganate a strong oxidizing substance.
Very toxic to aquatic life with long- term effects

Permanganate, must be neutralized and this is done usually using two harmful substances.
These substances bothers people when it is used in laundry, are easy to recognize by the smell.

Icelite process has social relevance since no harmful substances are used to carry out several finishings, thus saving social and health care costs.

Can be used to obtain the sandblasting effect on fabric avoiding the use of harmful and prohibited substances which cause silicosis.

Denim fabric after ICELITE process.

The thread of the seams will not be damaged during the working process.



It can be used after Ozone treatment; makes the fabric brighter removing the gray color that ozone always leaves.


It can be used instead of permanganate; no need to wash the garments after treatment thus saving water used to obtain this finishing without using harmful substances, it is not toxic.
No further treatment is therefore required to stop the chemical process.


The Permanganate can change the color. Icelite does not change the basis of the color, but degrades the tone of the cotton.Trousers and garments treated with permanganate can cause problems in the household washes, even releasing substances that are not perfectly neutralized.


1) Icelite

2) After the laser treatment; used after this treatment removes the gray in the part burnt with the laser beam and makes the fabric look brighter.

3) Icelite can be used safely on garments that contain polyester and which is a high risk of burn using the laser.

4) Can be used to obtain the sandblasting effect on pants with 3D whiskers. Icelite brings a bright touch to the fabric.