CATENA AVANTGARDE CONVEYOR a brand new concept of automatic oven Mactec

OVEN Catena Avantgarde conveyor is a brand new concept of automatic oven, because it combines the advantages of batch oven and the conveyor oven.
Oven Catena uses a small footprint area, by 50%, compared to that which would be required to do the same with a classic oven conveyor.

It has a better control of the internal temperature and lower power consumption compared to about 50% less of existing conveyor in the market.




The software, based on the time chosen, will set the time of speed of the chain and set the ignition of the burner to reach the desired temperature.
In relation to the inlet temperature, operator can manually handle the opening of a grate on the top of the oven and this guarantees the possibility of creating a temperature ramp at the entrance and exit of the oven.



Ensure a good thermal insulation, and this allows to have the minimum heat loss between the inner and outer wall of the oven. Ensuring maximum functionality of the burner and the minimum quantity of fuel needed to bring the oven to the desired temperature.

Provide excellent thermal insulation.

Panels certified for reaction to fire:
Class 0-0 – REI 120

Maximum operating temperature:
750 °C peak 700 °C continuous



Oven Catena Avantgarde conveyor can be adapted to different production requirements
of drying and polymerization, being able to manage, temperature, chain speed and automatic condensate drain.