CAROSELLO SPRAY With new ecoplus system (patented) High productivity combined with respect
for the environment and human health

This spray system conveyor made with a specially designed chain allows a high productivity combined with respect for the environment and human health.

The normal operation of spraying the PP takes few seconds and with just 3 operators in total , loading/unloading and spray operations, can be even 700 trousers per hour.

Increasing the number of operators it is also possible to include the brushing operation for the articles more complicated, while maintaining a very high productivity and space optimization, only 43 sqm.


24 inflatable dummies
24 special valves made in Mactec for fast inflation with adjustable pressure control. Thanks to this valve the size of the trousers does not get modified or damaged because over inflation. Pressure will remain constant during the entire spraying process.
Manual inflation in the loading sector
Automatic deflation in the unloading sector
Programmable rotation in the spray cabin
Ventilated hot area after spray cabin

New ecoplus system (patented system)

Air filtering is ensured by a special wet – labyrinth composed fins in pvc that is kept constantly damp with water sprays.

This innovative filtering system gives important advantages:

– increasing the efficiency with which particles are eliminated,
– the water spray allows the shaped profiles sections to be washed and cleaned,
– the need for servicing and replacement of the glass bre lters is also reduced.


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