Batch oven

BATCH OVEN Mactec oven 2000 oven sliding doors oven lab

OVEN 2000 starts functioning automatically as its door is closed so that the air inside can reach rapidly the desired temperature for the item treatment. At the end of the process, an automatized system pulls air out and in 3/4 minutes it is possible to remove the trolley with the trousers polymerized and insert the second trolley for the next batch.

The wide range of programs that can be used for drying and polymerisation make it complete and functional for all the kinds of items.

OVEN 2000, thanks to its trolley for clothing, permits drying or polymerisation up to 600 items per hour according to the kind of item and time of polymerisation.

OVEN 2000 LAB is the oven suitable for sampling. The reduced overall dimensions and the versatile use make of it a model with excellent performances.


The Trolley is suitable to contain up to 300 items to be dried.


1) The oven has 3 probes to detect temperature which is therefore constantly checked and uniform inside the chamber.

2) The oven can keep in memory 10 different “cycles”

After passing through the combustion chamber, the ow of hot air is forcedly directed into a pre-chamber, then it goes to the drying chamber where the hot air circulate from above to below.

This is an advantage for 4 reasons:
a. Heat is uniform in the (whole) drying chamber
b. The thickest parts of the trousers (belt, pockets), that are the most dif cult ones to be dried, receive the airstream directly.
c. Positioning the trouser-stand trolley is easier since chamber is not located in the lower part of the oven.
d. Avoid risk of re: Should trousers fall from the dummies they will not be in direct contact with heating sources.

3) The oven has a 4 kW motor for hot air recirculation, and dries clothing quickly.

4) Panels certified for reaction to fire: Class 0-0 – R.E.I. 120 Maximum temperature for use: 750°C peak, 700°C continuous